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Keeping our clients in their GOOD BOOKS!


book keepingIf you need a bookkeeping service, N Saha & Co. will manage everything you need for you. Whether you are diligent in the way that you file your receipts and paperwork or simply drop them all in a box for someone to make sense of, hand them over to Tanuka and her team and see your paperwork transformed into perfect records with N Saha & Co. bookkeeping services.

N Saha & Co. take paperwork from prime records. You just need to hand over your bank statements, cash receipts, purchase invoices, sales notes and till rolls, credit card statements and the team will file them, analyse them and reconcile all ledgers regularly.

The practice also ensures that they provide reports to assist with cashflow management throughout the year and VAT liabilities calculated and submitted accurately and promptly.

Many tax saving ideas and tips are provided along the way for added value!


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