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Dr Aminul Hoque MBE – London Bridge Tandoori Restaurant

N Saha & Co. have been doing our accounts for the past 25 years since we started our small family business in 1986.

The term ‘family’ is an important concept in our business relationship. Initially, business was conducted by my father and Mr. Saha and now 25 years on, the baton has been passed down to the children. There is a generational family feel to our relationship – one built on trust, understanding and warmth.

Since taking over the family business approximately 6 years ago, I have nothing but praise for N Saha & Co. As somebody who struggles with math’s and accountancy principles, I have found Tanuka to be extremely professional, patient, and practical in her guidance and advice. Not only are they affordable, but also thoroughly skillful accountants often parting pragmatic advice as to how to maintain good bookkeeping.

Tanuka’s approachable personality means that she is a mere phone call, e-mail or visit away from dealing with any queries that you may have. As a restaurant owner, we often work anti-social hours. N Saha & Co’s flexible approach to work has meant that when necessary, I have been able to communicate urgent queries.

N Saha & Co. represents all that is good about business: hardworking, trustworthy, flexible, professional, ethical, affordable and approachable.

I endorse N Saha & Co with the utmost of sincerity.

Dr Aminul Hoque MBE
London Bridge Tandoori Restaurant

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