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Donna Obstfeld (FCIPD)

I think you can add life-saver to your book-keeper job title.

In May, at the end of my financial year… I was not able to get the information out of the system in a format the accountant could use.

As a result, they asked me to re-enter data for my entire financial year into an Excel spreadsheet.

After the books sitting in the office for a couple of months and my continual promises that I would get to it, I decided to make use of your services.

You and your team took all my books from this year and last, all receipts and all supporting paperwork and ‘sorted me out’. You liaised with my accountant ensuring the reports they required were available, the figures were accurate, discrepancies were resolved and my life was 100 times easier.

Thank you so much for your help and for really making it “less of my time and more of your effort.”

I look forward to making use of your services in the future.

Kind Regards

Donna Obstfeld (FCIPD)
Managing Director / HR Specialist

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